Can I get my teeth white by 2nd week of June?


I should have planned better but I am in a wedding the 2nd weekend of next month and I really want my teeth white. Is it too late to start? What is the strongest formula that will work the best? – Bridget


Bridget – The strongest teeth whitening you can get is from a dentist. Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of time to get it done.

If a dentist offers in-office teeth whitening, it can whiten your teeth quickly. In-office treatment is the most expensive form of teeth whitening available, but it will also give you quick results.

Take-home treatment from a dentist will give you professional-strength whitening gel. But you need customized whitening trays for it, and there may not be enough time for the dentist to have the trays made and for you to start your whitening treatment. A few days of whitening may make your teeth a little whiter.

You can start calling a few dentists’ offices in your area to find out what type of teeth whitening is offered and how soon you would be able to receive it.

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My white fillings are stained


I just got white fillings in January and they are stained already. I smoke and the tar or nicotine has yellowed my fillings. Can I get them white again? Todd

Todd – If the stains on your composite fillings are only surface stains, your cosmetic dentist may be able to polish away most of the stains. If the stains are below the surface of the white fillings, they can’t be polished away.

As you likely know, you can protect your lungs and teeth if you don’t smoke. If you have front teeth that are filled, porcelain veneers may be an alternative; they are much more stain resistant than composite.

This post is sponsored by Lowell dentist Dr. Michael Szarek.

Replace amalgam fillings with white ones?


Is it advisable to replace old amalgam (silver) fillings with white composite ones? I recently changed dentists and my new dentist advised doing this at a cost of about $3600. I haven’t had any problems with the existing fillings that I am aware of.


Alex in Boston

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