What brands of teeth whitening work for fluorosis stains?


What’s the best brand of teeth whitening get rid of fluorosis stains on my teeth? I have tried the strips, the paint on gel and I got a whitening kit with strong gel, and the stains aren’t going away. It really looks like the whitening didn’t do anything at all. Are there certain brands are known to a least lighten up fluorosis stains? Thanks – Patrick

Patrick– The correct treatment for fluorosis stains depends on the extent and the color of the stains. Using teeth whitening on fluorosis stains might not be the best option. Unlike surface stains on teeth that can develop from dark foods or drinks, fluorosis stains start within the teeth and are seen on the tooth enamel. If there are just a few spots, dental bonding can be used to cover the affected areas.

If you have extensive spotting, teeth whitening—even professional strength whitening from a dentist—might not help. It might make the stains more noticeable. Porcelain veneers will cover the stains, and a cosmetic dentist will work with you to decide how white you want your teeth to be. It takes skill to create translucence in porcelain veneers without making teeth look pasty or unnaturally white. An artistic cosmetic dentist will give you a new smile with porcelain veneers that looks completely natural.

Regardless of the treatment you decide on, don’t let just any dentist whiten your teeth. Find an accredited cosmetic dentist to examine your teeth. He or she will determine the best treatment for your case, and you’ll get beautiful results.


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