Safe to use ultrasonic toothbrush?



My husband recently purchased the Sonicare Diamond toothbrush for both of us to use. However, I have been reading that people who have dental bonding or veneers (which I have) should avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaning devices. Will the vibrating speed of this toothbrush damage my veneers? I have Dura-Thin porcelain veneers. Should I just avoid using this brush on the teeth with veneers?


Lina in Boston

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Caring for composite veneers



I had resin veneers done on my upper teeth several years ago and now am wondering about how long they will last. I’ve been reading now about porcelain veneers and worry that the composite ones will start to deteriorate. Can they last 10 years or more? And, as they get old, will they all start to deteriorate at the same time?

Beverly in Springfield

Dear Beverly,

While composite veneers are not as strong and stain-resistant as porcelain veneers, they can last a long time if cared for properly.

First, you should use a professional grade toothpaste that is designed for people who have had cosmetic dental work done. Supersmile toothpaste is a good brand.

Next, you should be careful when you go in for a cleaning that the hygienist does not use anything abrasive polishers, such as pumice, on your teeth that could damage the veneers. Be sure you choose someone who has extensive experience with maintaining composite dental bonding work.

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Good luck!