2 minute tooth brushing but teeth aren’t noticeable whiter


I’ve followed the 2 minute tooth brushing guideline for about 3 to 4 months but my teeth aren’t noticeable whiter. They feel cleaner than when I quickly brushed them. They are just not whiter though. How long will it take to see some results? Pilar T.

Pilar – Although two-minute tooth brushing is a way to ensure your teeth are clean and that debris is removed from them, it won’t necessarily make your teeth whiter. If you’re using peroxide-based toothpaste, you may eventually see the results, but they will be minimal.
Whitening your teeth and breaking down the stains below the surface is successful with carbamide peroxide bleaching gel. Professional-strength gel comes from a dentist, along with bleaching trays to keep the gel in contact with your teeth. It’s the prolonged contact on your teeth helps the gel break down stains in them.

Some people have tried self-whitening only to find that the bleaching gel wasn’t strong enough, or in some cases, that it made stains more noticeable. That’s where a dentist helps—anticipating the results you will get and recommending the correct treatment based on the type of stains in your teeth

We encourage you to continue to thoroughly brush your teeth, but if you really want them whiter, consider getting them professionally whitened. Ask your dentist how whitening your teeth can be made affordable for you.

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