Will whitening my teeth make my breath smell better?


I am wondering if I use whitening strips if my breath will smell better? Is there something in the whitening gel that is good for breath too? Just checking because I have tried everything else. Thanks L.K.

Dear L.K. – Whitening your teeth, in itself, will not make your breath smell better. But if your teeth are whitening by a dentist, he or she will ensure that you have had a recent dental cleaning. If you haven’t, your teeth will need to be cleaned before they are whitened, because the results of the whitening will be much better.

Professional teeth cleaning can remove debris, plaque, and tartar on and between your teeth, all of which contribute to bad breath. In addition to regularly flossing and brushing your teeth, you can also use a tongue scraper, and brush your tongue with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

If your breath odor persists, see a dentist to determine if the source is a bad tooth, your gums, or if further investigation is needed to determine the cause.

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Question on porcelain veneers for tetracycline stained teeth


I have seen pictures from several dentists of porcelain veneers over tetracycline teeth. In every case, the teeth look way too white and thick. I don’t know what kind of veneers were used. Is there a particular brand I should use so that if I get veneers to cover my tetracycline stains they won’t look fake? Joan K.

Joan – Regardless of the reason that a person wants or needs porcelain veneers, the skill of an artistic cosmetic dentist is required to produce natural looking results.

In attempt to cover tetracycline stains, veneers can end up looking pasty or thick. Only a skilled cosmetic and his or her master ceramist can build in the translucency require to give the veneers a natural appearance, and at the same time cover tetracycline stains. The results depend more upon the skill of the dentist and ceramist than the brand of veneers that are used.

We recommend that you visit an experienced cosmetic dentist to receive an examination. You can discuss your concerns and have your questions answered about concealing your tetracycline stains with porcelain veneers.

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