What is average life of a dental bridge?



I am scheduled to have a dental bridge placed on Monday. My dentist has assured me that it should have a lifespan of about 10 years. My question is, what happens after that time? Will it automatically need replacing? Will it break? How should I know what to do?


Evelyn in NY

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Electric toothbrushes better?


Dear Dr. Szarek;

I have a basic question. Do Waterpiks and electronic toothbrushes get teeth cleaner than brushing with a regular toothbrush?

– Hannah in Boston

Dear Hannah;

Waterpiks and electronic toothbrushes do not necessarily get your teeth cleaner than brushing with a regular toothbrush. However, they have some features that can make it easier to clean your teeth well. Waterpiks can be useful to clean debris when you have spacing between your teeth. It is a good idea to purchase one that you can use in the shower, however, because Waterpiks can be messy. Also, be sure to only use it at medium pressure since higher pressure can cause gum recession.

Many patients have better oral hygiene when using electronic toothbrushes because most have a timer function that encourages the user to spend sufficient time brushing (three minutes). Of course, if you brush appropriately and for the recommended time with a standard toothbrush you can get the same result.

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