Four Things to Know about Teeth Whitening Parties Before Accepting the Invitation


I received an online invitation from a friend to a teeth whitening party at a friend’s house. The entire thing is supposed to last about 4 hours. I am not sure about the company that is offering the whitening because I can’t find any information about it online. The invite looks very professional and it says that we will keep the gel on our teeth for 45 minutes to an hour and my teeth will be whiter when I leave. Is this something done that dentists are doing that you know of? It sounds like a dental house call for a group of people. The price is $145 per person, which is cheaper than what my dentist is offering. Is it safe? – Yanika

Yanika – If you received an invitation for a teeth whitening party with no clear information about the sponsor, beware.

Some Facts about Home-Based Teeth Whitening Parties

Photo of teeth whitening trays in a case, for information on DIY teeth whitening from Lowell, MA dentist Dr. Michael Szarek.

Teeth whitening trays keep gel on your teeth

A teeth whitening party lacks the ability to provide some common-sense precautions to ensure you get safe, predictable results:

  • Examination – A dentist examines your teeth in advance of teeth whitening to determine if you are a candidate for it. For some people, bleaching gel makes stains in teeth more noticeable. Others experience a lot of sensitivity. Only an examination by a dentist can anticipate the results you will get from teeth whitening.
  • Proper sanitation and monitoring – It is difficult to monitor a group of people who are getting their teeth whitened. Do you know who will be doing the whitening, and what will be used to whiten your teeth? Will the environment be sanitary for your oral health?
  • Effective whitening – Professional treatment includes customized bleaching trays to keep the gel in contact with your teeth and away from your gums. There is no way you can receive custom trays at a four-hour teeth whitening party.
  • Follow-up – Dentists schedule follow-up appointments to ensure the results are as expected and your teeth and gums are healthy. At times, more sessions are needed to ensure your teeth are as white as you want them.

If you really want your teeth whitened, we advise asking your dentist or a dentist who offers it. This is the only way you can be reasonably sure that you will receive quality treatment.


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