If I whiten my teeth for 4 days straight will I get the same results as I would in 2 weeks?


I am running out of time to get my teeth really, really white so I thought of an alternative. If I whiten my teeth for 4 days straight will it accelerate the whitening and give me the same results as whitening my teeth overnight for 2 weeks? I will switch out the bleaching gel every 8 to 10 hours. Nikki

Nikki – Whitening your teeth for four days straight will cause extreme sensitivity in your teeth, burning and irritation in your gums, and damage to your tooth enamel.

If you want to quickly whiten your teeth, you can consider getting in-office teeth whitening from a dentist. Otherwise, a cosmetic dentist can provide you with professional-strength bleaching gel for at-home treatment that will give you noticeable results within a few days.

It isn’t worth weakening your teeth to get them super white for a special occasion. Safely whiten your teeth by doing it progressively or by having it done by an experienced cosmetic dentist.

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My dental implants itch. Will they fail?


I got dental implants several days ago and they itch. It feels like the itching is between the implant and my gums. This isn’t something that the surgeon said I should expect. Does this mean that the implants might fail? – Gabriel T.

Gabriel – Itching is most likely a side effect of the pain medication. If the itching is severe, contact your oral surgeon. He or she may recommend reducing the dose of pain medication. If you also have a rash, you may be experiencing a severe allergic reaction to the medication. Additionally, smoking after implant surgery and before the surgical site is healed, may cause itching and irritation.

Some swelling and pain is normal after the implant surgery. Itching can be part of the healing process. If the itching is accompanied by unusual pain, swelling, or bleeding, an infection may be developing. Contact your implant dentist right way to report your symptoms. He or she will determine if an immediate examination is necessary. If there is a problem that can compromise the healing of the implants, prompt action may help prevent dental implant failure.

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