Store-bought teeth whitening trays vs whitening strips


Which is better store-bought teeth whitening trays or whitening strips? Thanks Ethan

Ethan – One of the common complaints about store-bought teeth whitening trays is that they don’t fit properly. The trays need to fit well for the whitening gel to penetrate your teeth. And one-size-fits-all trays won’t fit you well. You will end up wasting a lot of whitening gel.

Whitening strips fit snugly against your teeth to help the gel penetrate your teeth. But even the results from the whitening gel will be limited, because the gel is only a fraction of the strength of the gel you get from your dentist.

Dentists provide you with custom-made bleaching trays and professional strength teeth whitening gel to penetrate your teeth and break down stains. A cosmetic dentist can also determine the best way to get your smile brilliantly white, depending on the type of stains in your teeth.

Speak with your dentist about teeth whitening. He or she may be able to make it affordable for you.

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