Does a tongue scraper help bad breath?


Does a tongue scraper help bad breath? – Eddie

Eddie – Although a tongue scraper will not eliminate bad breath, it may reduce it. Tongue scrapers reduce the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

If you are unable to eliminate bad breath after regularly brush and flossing your teeth, using a mouth rinse specifically for neutralizing odor, and using a tongue scraper, see your dentist. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, can cause bad breath. Bacteria from your gums can cause bad breath when sulfur compounds from the bacteria are released.

Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to help determine the source of the odor. If you have periodontal disease, it will be promptly treated to prevent further damage to your teeth and gums.

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Finding a cosmetic dentist who does good bonding work


How can I find a cosmetic dentist that does good bonding work? I know that the dentists aren’t making the porcelain veneers themselves, but I have two acquaintances that have had porcelain veneers fall off. So I know how important the bonding is. Before I select a cosmetic dentist, I need a little advice on how to find a good one for bonding. – Sheri M.

Sheri – Your choice of a cosmetic dentist matters for both the bonding work and for the porcelain veneers themselves.

The cosmetic dentist has to plan your treatment, take quality impressions, and give details about the shade, texture, translucency, and shape of your veneers. When the veneers are returned from the lab, the cosmetic dentist will approve the work and bond the veneers to your teeth, or return the veneers to the lab for adjustments—or for them to be completely re-made. The results of an expert ceramist at a lab are very dependent on the instructions received from the cosmetic dentist. It is the expertise of both professionals that result in a beautiful smile makeover.

Additionally, if a dentist does not have excellent artistic inclination, he or she is unlikely choose a ceramist with the same inclination. An expert cosmetic dentist knows how the ceramist will affect the end result. A cosmetic dentist with an artistic eye wants you to have a beautiful smile and will choose a ceramist and lab that will produce those results.

If you need assistance finding a skilled cosmetic dentist in your area, is an excellent resource. The website is run by a retired cosmetic dentist. Names are not randomly added to Dentists’ training and credentials are checked, and photos of their work are submitted before their names are added to the website.

This post is sponsored by Lowell cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Szarek.