Teeth whitening scam with crazy shipping charges


Every now and then I search for deals on teeth whitening. I finally found one that sounded good. It was for a month trial of whitening and all I had to do was pay shipping and handling. The cost for shipping was posted on the website as $9.99. I thought that was pretty expensive but compared to free whitening I thought it was nothing. Within the last 2 months, I’ve received 3 charges for shipping and handling, but I still don’t have the whitening kit. My credit card company is investigating it now. I just want to know where I can get legitimate, free teeth whitening trials. Do you have any recommendations? Todd

Todd – We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, it is common. There are some risks that come with getting free teeth whitening online. What should you consider?

Beware of Getting Free Teeth Whitening Online

  • Source – On the website, instead of a business address, there is usually only a toll-free number or a contact form if you need to speak with someone at the company. The website probably doesn’t tell you the source of the whitening. If you call the company, you are unlikely to find out exactly where the whitening kit was made.
  • Contents – How do you know if the syringes really contain bleaching gel? Some consumers have found out that the contents were either ineffective or harmful to their teeth.
  • Results – If what you receive isn’t bleaching gel, either it won’t work, it can harm or discolor your teeth, or it can burn your teeth, gums, or other oral tissue.

If your dentist doesn’t offer free teeth whitening, ask for a payment plan to make it more affordable for you. It’s best to receive quality bleaching gel, along with supervision from your dentist. You’ll get predictable results that will last.


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