Should a teeth cleaning at the dentist hurt and be bloody?


I was just there 6 months ago and had the same experience as I did last Thursday. It hurt and lots and lots of blood. I think the hygienist doesn’t like me. When I floss and brush my teeth at home it never hurts or bleeds. I only have problems when I go to the dentist. Everything there seems rough and rushed. When the dentist comes in and checks my teeth and gums he says everything looks fine. So why all the pain and blood? Is this a normal experience for a 6 month cleaning at the dentist? – Carmen

Carmen – It is not normal to have a lot of pain and blood during a dental cleaning. If this is the only time you are experiencing problems, you may want to find another dentist, or at least get a second opinion on the reason for your bleeding gums during the cleaning.

It is likely that you need to find a gentle dentist, along with a gentle hygienist, who takes the time to clean your teeth and do it without causing a lot of pain and bleeding.

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