Do dental implants break easily?


I got my braces removed last month. Now that my teeth are straight, I am ready for a dental implant. I have a tooth that has been missing my entire life. It just never grew in. I know implants are not cheap but I am willing to make the investment. I would like to know how durable they are though. Do they break easily? – Diana

Diana – Dental implants are very durable. They are made of either titanium or zirconia. Although they do not break easily, they should be treated with care, just as you would care for a natural tooth.

Hard objects should not be bitten with an implant tooth. Nor should you use the tooth to open anything that requires force.

When dental implants are properly placed, they withstand normal day-to-day wear.

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I smoke. How can I keep my teeth white?


I am a smoker. I know that it stains my teeth and makes them yellow. I have no plans to quit smoking but I do want white teeth. What can I do to try to keep my teeth reasonably white? – Thomas

Thomas – Teeth whitening from your dentist will break down the yellow stains and make your smile brighter. It is unlikely that you will get good results from whitening strips.

Your dentist has professional-strength whitening gel to give you a white smile. Your teeth will continue to stain as you smoke, but you can do periodic touch-ups as instructed by your dentist.

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