Five Things You Should Know Palateless Dentures and Dental Implants


If you’re missing all of your teeth, a palateless denture provides an affordable, comfortable option to replace them. Before you ask your dentist about this option, get the facts.

  1. A palateless denture is made to replace your upper teeth. It is open in the center, so it doesn’t cover the root of your mouth. The denture is made in the shape of your arch, similar to the shape of your gumline. It helps the denture fit securely.
  2. If you’re interested in a palateless denture, you should expect it to be secured with dental implants. Here’s why:
    • A traditional upper denture covers the roof of your mouth. This provides suction to keep the denture in place. Without a palate in your upper denture, it would frequently dislodge and fall out due to lack of suction.
  3. Grooves are made in the base of the denture so that it can snap onto dental implants. Implants provide stability and keep the denture from slipping around.
  4. As few as two dental implants can be used to snap on the denture, but the more implants there are, the more stable your dentures will be.
  5. People who have worn dentures with a palate and later try this option prefer the palateless version. It’s more comfortable, and eating is much more enjoyable.

Interested in Dental Implants and a Palateless Denture?

If you want to receive implant dentures, schedule consultations with two or three implant dentists. Each dentist should be concerned about reviewing your medical and dental history to find out if you are a candidate for implants. No dentist should recommend dental implants without verifying your eligibility.

Diagnostic studies are needed to ensure you have enough jawbone density for implants. If not, bone grafting will be required. Don’t choose the cheapest option. Look for a dentist with extensive training who offers high-quality implant fixtures. Why invest your time and money into an oral appliance that won’t last?

Wearing dentures can be made as comfortable as possible with a palateless denture that is supported by dental implants. Implants prevent jawbone shrinkage and facial sagging. The time and investment are worth it.

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Groupon teeth whitening kit burned my gums


I got a teeth whitening kit on Groupon. I didn’t want to get the cheapest one or the most expensive one. So I went in the middle. The kit came with trays that you have to boil and then shape onto your teeth. I followed the instructions carefully and fit the trays to my own teeth. I put the amount of gel in the trays as instructed and put the trays on my teeth. The instructions said to leave the trays on for 30 minutes. I had them on for just 3 minutes and had to take them off because my gums started burning so bad. The next day white stuff was peeling off of my gums and they were still burning. How do I find a teeth whitening kit that is affordable but won’t ruin my gums? Thanks. Saray

Saray – When you buy a teeth whitening kit online and it irritates your teeth or gums, there are several possible causes.

  • The whitening trays aren’t a good fit, and bleaching gel is oozing out of the trays onto your gums.
  • The bleaching gel is too strong, or you’ve left it on too long.
  • The bleaching gel contains an irritant or a chemical that is causing the burning or sensitivity.

How to find teeth whitening that works – not hurts

Customized trays – Customized trays are made based on impressions of your teeth. They have a snug fit to keep the teeth whitening gel sealed on your teeth. If you use the amount of bleaching gel instructed, it won’t ooze out and burn your gums. Your dentist can provide you with an accurate impression and customized trays.

The right concentration of gel – Bleaching gel comes in a variety of strengths. A gel needs to be selected based on the extent of the stains in your teeth and the level of sensitivity in your teeth. Although you might need a lower concentration of gel, your treatment period can be extended to get your teeth their brightest. Consult with your dentist to ensure you use the right gel and treatment time.

Quality bleaching gel – Only use high-quality gel for teeth whitening. Carbamide peroxide is the primary ingredient in the gel used by dentists. Don’t order gel from questionable sources.

If you have prolonged irritation or sensitivity in your teeth or gums from bleaching gel, schedule an appointment with your dentist for an exam. For the most predictable and successful results, get your treatment from your dentist, or ask him or her for advice before you make the purchase.


This post is sponsored by Lowell cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Szarek.