How long will I be in pain after teeth whitening?


I am planning on getting my teeth whitened but I may chicken out if it is going to hurt too bad. My dentist says that I will be fine but I have some friends who said that bleaching their teeth put a serious hurting on them. So I am anticipating some kind of pain. How long will I be in pain after my teeth are whitened? – Jacque

Jacque – You may not experience any pain at all. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth and ask you questions about the history of sensitivity in your teeth to help determine the level of sensitivity you might experience with bleaching.

If sensitivity is likely to occur, you may be advised to take ibuprofen or some other mild pain reliever before your appointment to alleviate it. It may also be recommended that after your whitening treatment that you take ibuprofen again. Any significant sensitivity, which you are unlikely to experience with proper planning, gradually decreases within 24 hours.

Some dentists use desensitizing gel in advance of teeth whitening treatment. But his depends on the dentist and the type of whitening system that is used.

Speak with your cosmetic dentist about your concerns. He or she will let you know what to expect and how you can plan to get the best results.

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