My porcelain veneers are sliding down


None of my 8 porcelain veneers have fallen off. I’m happy for that! I’ve read bad stories online about veneers coming completely off. My case is different. My veneers look like they are sliding down or maybe pulling away from my gums. I got the veneers in July ’14 so they are a little more than a year old. 3 of the 8 seem to be sliding down. My dentist took a look at them and said she will fill in the gap or margin. I am wondering what the chances are that this will be a repeat performance on the other 5 teeth. Also how often will I have to get this done or retouched? Is this normal? I have already asked my dentist all of these questions and she answered them, but I need a second opinion. When I got the veneers I wasn’t told about this possibility and the maintenance required on them. Thanks. Hope J.

Hope J. – It is not normal for new porcelain veneers to develop a gap at the margin. This problem is often due to improper bonding technique. Whether or not you will experience the issue with the other veneers depends on whether or not they were properly bonded.

If the restoration of the three veneers isn’t done properly, it may need to be repeated. Dr. Szarek would need to examine your teeth and veneers to determine why the gap is occurring and to let you know if you can expect the issue with your other veneers.

It’s good that you are asking questions now. We recommend that you schedule an appointment for an examination with an accredited cosmetic dentist in your area. The examination will provide you with accurate information on your veneers, what you can expect for the future, and how to avoid a recurring issue.

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What would a cosmetic dentist do for buck teeth?


I have buck teeth that I have always hated. Now I can do something about it but I want it done quickly. I don’t want a slow track with braces. In Feb. I will be 32 yrs old and being in braces for years is not something that interests me at all. I can deal with a month of cosmetic dentistry to make it all go away and look like I have a new smile. It’s worth whatever it costs to me to find the best cosmetic dentist around to get the work done right. What I am not sure of is what treatment will be recommended. What do cosmetic dentists do for buck teeth and on average how long does it take? Thanks! London M.

London – When a patient has overbite or overjet, a cosmetic dentist will recommend orthodontic treatment. If you are totally against metal braces, low-profile clear braces or Invisalign will be recommended.

Cosmetic dentistry in the form of porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers will make the color or shape of your teeth look better, but they won’t correct protruding teeth. You will need orthodontic treatment. The good news is that today’s orthodontics has ways of reducing treatment time. Products like Invisalign move teeth more efficiently, and the process can be accelerated with special appliances.

If your cosmetic dentist doesn’t provide Invisalign, he or she can refer you to an orthodontist. After your teeth are aligned, your cosmetic dentist can whiten them and further enhance their appearance with dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or porcelain crowns.

So an experienced cosmetic dentist is a good place to start. Discuss your goals for your smile, and he or she will develop a treatment plan for you to reach them.

This post is sponsored by Lowell cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Szarek.