Teeth whitening scam with crazy shipping charges


Every now and then I search for deals on teeth whitening. I finally found one that sounded good. It was for a month trial of whitening and all I had to do was pay shipping and handling. The cost for shipping was posted on the website as $9.99. I thought that was pretty expensive but compared to free whitening I thought it was nothing. Within the last 2 months, I’ve received 3 charges for shipping and handling, but I still don’t have the whitening kit. My credit card company is investigating it now. I just want to know where I can get legitimate, free teeth whitening trials. Do you have any recommendations? Todd

Todd – We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, it is common. There are some risks that come with getting free teeth whitening online. What should you consider?

Beware of Getting Free Teeth Whitening Online

  • Source – On the website, instead of a business address, there is usually only a toll-free number or a contact form if you need to speak with someone at the company. The website probably doesn’t tell you the source of the whitening. If you call the company, you are unlikely to find out exactly where the whitening kit was made.
  • Contents – How do you know if the syringes really contain bleaching gel? Some consumers have found out that the contents were either ineffective or harmful to their teeth.
  • Results – If what you receive isn’t bleaching gel, either it won’t work, it can harm or discolor your teeth, or it can burn your teeth, gums, or other oral tissue.

If your dentist doesn’t offer free teeth whitening, ask for a payment plan to make it more affordable for you. It’s best to receive quality bleaching gel, along with supervision from your dentist. You’ll get predictable results that will last.


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What kind of teeth whitening will help my veneers?


My veneers are turning yellow. I have only had them 4 years. This is really weird to me and I am not getting straight answers from the dentist who put them on. Since they started turning yellow I asked him if they are really porcelain. His answer was a fast “of course they are.” I don’t believe it. I know veneers aren’t supposed to stain and I don’t have any habits that would make them stain. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, coffee, or tea. Nor am I eating anything that would make them stain like this. So now I am down to trying to get the veneers to at least lighten in color a bit. I have tried whitening strips and I bought some Opalescence gel online but there is no change in the color. What kind of teeth whitening will help my veneers? Thanks. Diana

Diana – There is no form of teeth whitening that will brighten your veneers. Porcelain veneers are colorfast. Although you suspect that your veneers are not made of porcelain, the material they are made of isn’t responding to teeth whitening.

You can find out whether or not your veneers are porcelain by visiting an experienced cosmetic dentist. But the dentist won’t be able to change the color. At times, the condition or color of natural teeth beneath the veneers can cause them to look darker. If that’s not true in your case, it is possible that a skilled cosmetic dentist can polish the veneers and make them look better. Otherwise, your solution is to replace them.

Photo of a porcelain veneer, which cannot be whitened, held against a natural tooth for Lowell, MA cosmetic dentist Dr. Szarek

Porcelain veneers are bonded to your natural teeth. They are colorfast and cannot be whitened.

Quality porcelain veneers can last ten to twenty years or longer. They will remain white if you properly care for them at home, and only have your veneers and teeth cleaned by a dentist and hygienist who have been trained to clean veneers.

Whenever you decide to replace your veneers find a talented, accredited cosmetic dentist to do the work. Accredited cosmetic dentists have received extensive training in aesthetic dentistry (making your teeth look beautiful, not just functional), and they have passed exams and submitted patient cases to demonstrate their expertise. You’ll get the smile you want, and it will last.

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Am I too young for teeth whitening?


ever since i was 13 i have been asking my mom 2 get my teeth whitened by she wouldn’t let me. now i am almost 17 & i work part time after school so she said it’sokay but she still thinks i am still 2 young. this is something i really want and i promise 2 keep up with the touchups and not overbleach bcz i know it will hurt my teeth if i do. i am wondering if there is a min. age for teeth whitening and if so what is that age. also will it be hard 2 find a place that will sell it 2 me or if teenagers might get carded for the bleaching stuff like we do for liquor even tho it’s not alcohol. thanks. leeya

Leeya – It sounds as if you are thinking of purchasing over-the counter whitening kits and doing the treatment yourself. We don’t recommend this at all.

As long as your permanent teeth are fully developed, whitening them should be safe. But there is no way to be certain of the outcome without visiting a dentist. Do you want your teeth whiter to improve your smile, or are there stains in your teeth?

An examination from a dentist will show whether or not whitening them will be helpful or harmful. A dentist will also let you know if you can expect sensitivity in your teeth from the bleaching gel. If sensitivity is expected, he or she will know which gel strength will be best for you. You will also receive customized trays to keep the gel in contact with your teeth and away from your gums, to prevent burning and pain.

You will not be carded, or asked to show identification, if you purchase do-it-yourself bleaching gel. The results may be limited though, and you can’t be certain how your teeth will respond to the gel.

Think about asking your dentist how he or she can make brightening your smile affordable for you.


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Can I get my teeth white by 2nd week of June?


I should have planned better but I am in a wedding the 2nd weekend of next month and I really want my teeth white. Is it too late to start? What is the strongest formula that will work the best? – Bridget


Bridget – The strongest teeth whitening you can get is from a dentist. Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of time to get it done.

If a dentist offers in-office teeth whitening, it can whiten your teeth quickly. In-office treatment is the most expensive form of teeth whitening available, but it will also give you quick results.

Take-home treatment from a dentist will give you professional-strength whitening gel. But you need customized whitening trays for it, and there may not be enough time for the dentist to have the trays made and for you to start your whitening treatment. A few days of whitening may make your teeth a little whiter.

You can start calling a few dentists’ offices in your area to find out what type of teeth whitening is offered and how soon you would be able to receive it.

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Teeth whitening kit from the dentist hurts and burns!


Hi. I got a teeth whitening kit from my dentist. I wanted to do things the right way and not get a cheap kit or something that would not work. I can tell that my teeth are getting whiter, but the kit is really hurting my teeth and making them feel like they are being shocked or zinged. Also my gums are burning and turning white. What is this stuff? What should I do now? thank you. – Renae W.

Renae – It is not unusual to experience some sensitivity during teeth bleaching, but what you describe is more intense than usual.

Stop using the teeth whitening kit, and contact your dentist and explain what you are experiencing. You may need a whitening gel that is not as strong. It is possible that the bleaching trays need to be adjusted so that the gel isn’t affecting your gums so much.

Additionally, be certain that you are closely following the instructions on how much bleaching gel to use in each tray and how long you are wearing the trays.

Contact your dentist for additional assistance.

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