Replace amalgam fillings with white ones?


Is it advisable to replace old amalgam (silver) fillings with white composite ones? I recently changed dentists and my new dentist advised doing this at a cost of about $3600. I haven’t had any problems with the existing fillings that I am aware of.


Alex in Boston

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Should an oral surgeon do this extraction?


I’m embarrassed to admit that my anxiety and fear about dentists has kept me from getting proper dental care and maintenance, but now my situation is serious. A few years ago, I had a filling come out and the tooth later broke. After the pain became unbearable, I finally went to the dentist and had a root canal treatment. That dentist did not follow up with me and, with the pain gone, I was in no hurry to go back for treatment, so I just never returned to have the cap but on. The temporary filling has now fallen out and half the tooth is pretty much gone and is also infected. I am seeing a new dentist, one who was recommended by a friend, and he has advised that the tooth needs to be extracted. He has warned that this would be a very invasive procedure, cutting gum and bone, and that I could have it done by an oral surgeon under general anesthesia or by him with just a local. Because of the cost, I would prefer *not* to use an oral surgeon, but am worried that this is really not the way to go. Is this a procedure that would usually require an oral surgeon or is a regular dentist qualified to handle the job safely?

– Abby in Lowell

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