I don’t trust my dentist to polish my porcelain veneers


2 of my porcelain veneers had small scratches in them, so my cosmetic dentist buffed them out. The scratches are gone, but so is the shine on the veneers. They look like they have a matte finish. I asked my dentist about the process he used, and he said he used a process called “cups” and then he polished the veneers. I’m really not satisfied with the look, because the 2 veneers are not shiny. But I’m also afraid that if I ask my dentist to do the correction he might make the situation worse. If I decide to keep the veneers as they are, will they eventually stain and need to be replaced? Thanks. Karyl


Photo of dental forceps holding a single porcelain veneers, from the office of accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Szarek of Lowell, MA.

Porcelain veneer

The matte finish will make your porcelain veneers more susceptible to stain. Your veneers can be polished to restore their original gloss. A skilled cosmetic dentist knows the process and has the materials needed to correctly polish veneers.

Restoring Shine to Porcelain Veneers

Restoring the shine to previously scratched porcelain veneers requires the following tools and materials:

  • Diamond polishing instruments
  • Polishing paste
  • Ultra-fine diamond polishing paste

If your dentist placed your porcelain veneers, he should have these tools and materials in his office and be able to restore the glossy shine. Many skilled cosmetic dentists use the Brasseler’s Dialite porcelain polishing system to get highly aesthetic results.

If your dentist seems uncertain about how to restore the luster of your veneers, you can schedule a second opinion with an accredited cosmetic dentist to discuss your options.

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