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Lowell Sleep Dentistry

If you have dental fear or anxiety, Dr Michael Szarek can help you relax and have a pleaseant dental experience. This page explains the difference between sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry, and the alternatives that Dr. Szarek uses to relax his patients.

Sleep dentistry and conscious sedation dentistry - What's the difference?

General anesthesia is a state in which you are truly asleep. In general anesthesia, your vital functions need to be maintained artificially. Breathing and even heart rate may be depressed. If something starts to go down your throat, you will have no coughing reflex to clear your airway. So there are some real safety issues.

With conscious sedation, your protective reflexes are all functioning. You can respond to requests to open your mouth, or other simple commands. Your blood oxygenation is monitored with a sophisticated device called a pulse oximeter. But rarely is there ever a significant departure from normal vital signs.

How Dr. Szarek Helps Patients Relax

Dr. Szarek helps his patients relax with the use of nitrous oxide—a colorless, odorless gas that is breathed in during dental treatment. If you are particularly anxious, a small amount of anti-anxiety medication can help to calm you.

Sleep Dentistry - Find out more about its alternative

Our sedation dentistry web page will give you more details about the techniques Dr. Szarek uses to help patients relax. We understand that some of your fear or anxiety can be reduced if you fully understand the process of how these techniques can help you have a better dental experience. So, if you still have questions or concerns that you would like to speak with Dr. Szarek about in person, contact our office to schedule an appointment. You can request an appointment online or call us at 978-454-9332 to schedule an appoinment.

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