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Lowell Sedation Dentist

For many patients, administration of local anesthetics and pain relievers may not be enough to ensure a comfortable experience. Lowell dentist Dr. Szarek understands that many factors can influence how a patient tolerates difficult dental procedures and he has specialized training in a range of techniques for managing pain, dental anxiety, stress, and discomfort.

If you have had problems undergoing dental procedures, you are not alone. It is a common phenomenon. There are a number of reasons why some have a harder time than others, including differing sensitivities to pain, a prior history of unpleasant dental treatments, and medical conditions that alter the effectiveness and duration of commonly used medications.

For example, studies have shown that patients with a high level of anxiety often do not respond to administration of numbing medications like Novocain in the same way that patients without such fears. In addition to numbing medications, reducing anxiety is often the key to helping these patients achieve the appropriate level of comfort in order to proceed. Dr. Szarek uses nitrous oxide or a small amount of anti-anxiety medication to help patients relax.

Nitrous Oxide

Better known as "laughing gas," nitrous oxide is a colorless, non-flammable, slightly sweet gas that is inhaled. It is a mild anesthetic and analgesic. It induces a relaxed state and has some pain-relief properties, as well. In some patients, it has been known to have mild euphoric effects, which is where it gets the nickname. Dentists often use nitrous oxide to help patients relax and be more receptive to the medications used to anesthetize the mouth. Unlike stronger sedative medications, nitrous wears off very quickly and patients are able to resume normal activity after their procedure. You will have no problem driving or going back to work or school after your visit.

A Relaxing Alternative to Sedation Dentistry

Some patients need more help than that provided by nitrous oxide. Dr. Szarek has special training and certification in the use of oral medication that relieves anxiety and allows patients to be comfortable during the procedure.

For a typical visit, Dr. Szarek would give you a Valium pill to take before your procedure. This medication is known to be safe, with no effects on heart rate or breathing. However, Dr. Szarek and his staff still monitor your your vital signs for safety.

If you are interested improving your dental experience, schedule an appointment with Dr. Szarek. Call us at 978-454-9332 or request an appointment online.

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