Can a cosmetic dentist to anything about my walrus teeth?


After doing a lot of research online I think a cosmetic dentist might be the only one to help me. You know how a walrus looks with teeth that look way too long? That’s how I look now. My teeth really used to be beautiful but now all my gums have receded. No exaggeration – every tooth looks way too long now. Is this something a cosmetic dentist can correct? How many options do I have? Thanks Ashley

Ashley – A cosmetic dentist can help with the appearance of your teeth, but first, he or she will identify the cause of your gum recession.

A Cosmetic Dentist Will Look for Causes of Gum Recession

  • Periodontal (gum) disease – This is the most common cause of receding gums. Gingivitis and periodontist can cause gum tissue to recede and break down. Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing daily are essential to preventing gum disease. If you have periodontal disease, it will be treated before any cosmetic treatment is done on your teeth.
  • Vigorous tooth brushing – If you brush your teeth too aggressively, it can weaken your gums and cause them to recede.
  • Plaque accumulation – Plaque can cause gums to become inflamed and recede.
  • Genetic predisposition – Some people naturally have thin gums, which recede with time.

As gums continue to recede, tooth roots will be exposed, and you may experience sensitivity in your teeth. A cosmetic dentist can perform gum grating tissue to fill in your gumline and protect your tooth roots. Grafted gum tissue will be contoured to give you a natural-looking gumline.

Contact at least two accredited cosmetic dentists for an examination and to find out your treatment options.

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I hate my porcelain veneers and want to go back to my natural teeth


I hate my porcelain veneers. I want them removed and I want to go back to my natural teeth. I’ve been seeing this dentist for about 7 years. He is quite confident in his skills. If you ask him, he can do any and everything that has to do with dentistry. He does implants, cosmetic dentistry. You name it. He received extra training to learn how to do porcelain veneers. He showed me some pictures of patients he did veneers on. Although he says he has done hundreds of veneers, I probably saw about 20 to 30 sets of photos for different patients. The pics looked good to me but my veneers don’t look good. And something about them is not right. When I floss my teeth, the floss gets hung up on on the side of 3 of my 8 veneers. There is another issue that is difficult to explain to my dentist but the veneers seem to create a lisp in my speech. The lisp is inconsistent so of course when I complained about it to my dentist, he had me read a few paragraphs and never once could we hear the lisp. So far nothing has been done. Just a series of appointments and exams where my dentist can’t find anything wrong. I’m exhausted. Can I just ask him to take off the veneers so I can go back to my natural teeth? What do patients usually do when their veneers are a hassle? Thanks. Janet

Janet – When your porcelain veneers are causing more stress than enjoyment, and your dentist doesn’t know what to do about it, the best thing to do is to get a second opinion.

Usually, your natural teeth are prepared before porcelain veneers are placed. If that’s true in your case, a small amount of your outer tooth structure was removed to ensure the veneers fit well and don’t look bulky. Some of the reasons you can’t go back to your natural teeth are listed below.

  • Removing the outer layer leaves unprotected teeth vulnerable to decay.
  • Your tooth structure is altered, so your natural teeth won’t look normal.
  • Your teeth will be very sensitive to heat and cold.

Although your dentist has received training in cosmetic dentistry, it wasn’t enough to give him insight on how to properly place veneers. Both your speech and the structure of the veneers are affected, so it’s time to get a second opinion.

You could ask your dentist to remove and replace the veneers, but you might get the same results. Schedule a consultation with at least two cosmetic dentists to help you select a provider to restore your teeth. If you can find an accredited cosmetic dentist in your area, his or her expertise will help you get the best results.

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What would a cosmetic dentist do for buck teeth?


I have buck teeth that I have always hated. Now I can do something about it but I want it done quickly. I don’t want a slow track with braces. In Feb. I will be 32 yrs old and being in braces for years is not something that interests me at all. I can deal with a month of cosmetic dentistry to make it all go away and look like I have a new smile. It’s worth whatever it costs to me to find the best cosmetic dentist around to get the work done right. What I am not sure of is what treatment will be recommended. What do cosmetic dentists do for buck teeth and on average how long does it take? Thanks! London M.

London – When a patient has overbite or overjet, a cosmetic dentist will recommend orthodontic treatment. If you are totally against metal braces, low-profile clear braces or Invisalign will be recommended.

Cosmetic dentistry in the form of porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers will make the color or shape of your teeth look better, but they won’t correct protruding teeth. You will need orthodontic treatment. The good news is that today’s orthodontics has ways of reducing treatment time. Products like Invisalign move teeth more efficiently, and the process can be accelerated with special appliances.

If your cosmetic dentist doesn’t provide Invisalign, he or she can refer you to an orthodontist. After your teeth are aligned, your cosmetic dentist can whiten them and further enhance their appearance with dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or porcelain crowns.

So an experienced cosmetic dentist is a good place to start. Discuss your goals for your smile, and he or she will develop a treatment plan for you to reach them.

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How do I find a cosmetic dentist for 3N no-prep veneers?


I have been doing a lot of research on no prep veneers other than Lumineers. I wanted to have information on more than just one brand. I found out from an acquaintance on social media about 3N which I had never heard of. Now I know why because it doesn’t look like they are U.S. based. I found the 3N veneers website but I don’t see anything about how to find a 3N U.S. cosmetic dentist. I really like the way they look, much more so than Lumineers. How do I find a cosmetic dentist who uses 3N? Thanks. – Shona

Shona – Although 3N veneers are not familiar to us, through an Internet search, we found that 3N Veneers Limited is based in the United Kingdom. Other websites that reference the brand indicate that this brand of veneers is used in the Middle East.

Although we don’t have information on U.S. cosmetic dentists who use 3N, we can assure you that the results you get from porcelain veneers depend significantly on your choice of cosmetic dentist and his or her choice of laboratory to makes the veneers.

The laboratory that makes Lumineers is often criticized for the pasty, bulky look of the veneers. But the same results can occur with any other brand—unless you have a skilled, artistic cosmetic dentist who also uses an artistic master ceramist.

Dental patients get great results from porcelain veneers, not by choosing their own brand of porcelain veneers, but instead, by choosing an artistic dentist who knows what brands are best for your case. And who understands how to the manipulate color, translucency, and shape of the veneers to produce lifelike results.

Find a cosmetic dentist who is an artist. How? Start by locating an accredited cosmetic dentist. If there isn’t one in your area, find one who is a member of a cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry organization, and who is participates in on-going training. Check the dentist’s credentials. Schedule a consultation and ask to see before-and-after pictures of smile makeovers the dentist has completed. Let the dentist know your concerns about porcelain veneers and the smile you want to achieve. Watch and listen closely to how the dentist addresses your questions. Then you can decide if this is the dentist for you, or if you want to have a consultation with a second or third cosmetic dentist before making a decision on your provider.

It’s the artist in the dentist—not solely the brand he or she uses—that will produce beautiful results you want.

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Can a dental bridge for front teeth look good?


I have a central incisor and a lateral incisor that are missing. I know that dental implants are my best option but I just can’t afford them this year. I want something else that looks natural. Can I dental bridge for front teeth look good or will I have to settle for it looking okay? Todd W.

Todd – The restoration of front teeth with a dental bridge is straightforward. The challenge comes in producing natural-looking results. You can get beautiful results from a skilled cosmetic dentist who has an artistic approach.

A dental bridge requires that the natural teeth on either side of the missing ones be filed down to accommodate the bridge. The natural teeth will have dental crowns placed over them, which will serve as anchors for the bridge. The replacement teeth will be suspended between the crowned natural teeth.

An experienced cosmetic dentist can provide you with a porcelain bridge that will perfectly match your natural teeth. If you have ever considered having your teeth whitened, it should be done before you receive the bridge. A dental bridge is made to match the color of your natural teeth. If you teeth are whitened after you receive the bridge, your natural teeth will be whiter than the bridge.

Your cosmetic dentist will discuss your goals for your smile and help you plan accordingly. He or she has a master ceramist who manipulates dental porcelain to match the color, translucency, and characteristics of your natural teeth. The results are lifelike.

We recommend that you choose one or two cosmetic dentists with whom you can have a consultation. Check each dentist’s website for information on his or credentials and experience. During the consultation, you can ask questions and get more information on what you can expect for a dental bridge.

This post is sponsored by accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Szarek of Lowell, MA.