Need to switch to a sedation dentist for porcelain veneers that keep coming off


After my last dental appointment, I decided that I need to switch to a sedation dentist. I’ve had my porcelain veneers for 8 months and in that time several of them have come off a total of  5 times. The first time was after 2 months of the veneers. I was eating a granny smith apple and the left front veneers loosened and came out later that day. The 2nd time the same veneer came off while I was running. I run daily, so it wasn’t anything unusual that I was doing to the veneers – just running.

The 3rd incident was eating again. I was just out to dinner with my husband and I had chicken parm—it wasn’t tough meat (how tough can chicken really be?). This time it was the right incisor veneer. My 4th incident was last month. I was washing dishes and the left incisor loosened. Last night during a belated anniversary dinner celebration with some friends the right incisor veneer loosened again.

I haven’t had time to call my dentist yet, but during the last visits, he assured me that it is normal for veneers to loosen. I should say that he thought he was assuring me. I am not sure what to do about this. In the past, I haven’t had dental anxiety, but these repeat visits are causing a lot of anxiety. I am really getting anxious about the next visit and I don’t think I can get through it without sedation. I mentioned this to my dentist on the last visit, and he refuses to give me sedation “just to put a veneer back on.” Now my concern is that I have to find a new dentist to take my case even though I think my own dentist should care enough to correct his mistake and ensure no additional veneers fall off. Am I going to be able to find a sedation dentist who is willing to take my case and also resolve this issue? Thank you. – K.L.

Photo of dental forceps holding a single porcelain veneers, from the office of accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Szarek of Lowell, MA.

A sedation dentist who is also a cosmetic dentist can bond veneers back on

K.L. –  After so many incidents, it’s understandable that you would become anxious and ask for sedation dentistry. None of the activities you described should cause a veneer to crack, chip, or fall off. If you chewed on a pin or tried to open a bottle cap with your teeth, you would damage your veneers, but not in the situations you have described. In fact, veneers that are properly made and properly bonded should never fall off.

A Second Opinion from a Sedation Dentist Who Is Also a Cosmetic Dentist

We recommend that you seek a second opinion from an accredited cosmetic dentist who also offers sedation. He or she will examine your teeth and veneers to determine why they repeatedly fall off. You will also find out if the veneers can be removed and re-bonded, or if new veneers are needed.

Before you schedule your appointment, ensure the dentist is skilled in both sedation and cosmetic dentistry. You can call a few offices in advance to learn about the services offered.

After your second opinion, you can return to your previous dentist to request a refund. If you get resistance, you can ask your new dentist for suggestions. Further action might include contacting the dental board or consulting with a consumer rights attorney.


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